April 4, 2009

Happy New Year Spring 2009

For me the New Year has never started in January. In fact, not only have I never recognized January as the new year, I recognize two much more meaningful New Year opportunities each year. The “year” has always begun for me with the start of school in September. Since the age of 5 there has not been a September that was not occupied with the beginning of a new school year – either as a student, teacher or mother of a student. September brings with it a new schedule, one revolving around study and sports and meals and bedtimes; the last hurrah before hunkering down for the darkness and cold of the winter months. The other New Year for me takes place in the spring, after spring break. Spring is a time for re-awakenings, the dramatic return of the light after Daylight Savings allowing us to once again spend time outdoors and get back into shape after a long and dark winter. The additional light gives us energy and enables us to make resolutions – to pick up a new exercise regime or choose to do a cleanse or detox to maximize health and better prepare one’s body to be able to take full advantage of the natural wonders that the spring and summer has to offer.

In my life this New Year of spring 2009 marks my return to my naturopathic medical practice. Along with the space that is freeing up in my life and mind as my children become older and more independent there is an emerging need to think outside the microcosm of my home and family and focus on a larger scale of community. As I continue on my life’s path of exploring natural medicine and facilitating healing, I am thrilled to announce that I am joining Heartspace Center for Healing in Lake Oswego, OR where I will continue my practice treating families, children and women with my bag of tricks including herbs, homeopathic medicine, cranio-sacral treatments, nutrition and nutritional supplements.

As well my blog will take on a new face, one more centered around what I experience in my naturopathic medical practice. Ailments and conditions that affect you and your family will be addressed, with your old familiar gluten-free recipes and family-friendly meal ideas in tow. Please consider subscribing to my blog as it should start to get a little more interesting from here. Happy New Year!

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